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About Ranger Entrepreneurial entities registered in the Ministry of Industry Trade & Supply and licensed according to the Jordanian law, which working to develop the local societies. They consider as SOCIAL ENTERPRISE and ECO-TOURISM. We seek to make a change and focus on inspiring and educating to lead boldly, serve
generously, and act with compassion, also offer an adventurous lifestyle that
inspires people from all ages to stretch beyond their perceived abilities and open
up to their mother nature which will help them to clear their minds and be more
independent and flexible to came up with new ideas and solutions. Moreover, a
commendation prepared to give a wild and natural experience for families, individuals and organizations. Jordan Ranger includes:
1- The Jordanian Adventure and Exploration Center
2- Adventure and Challenge Forest Camp
3- Eco-View Resort

The Jordanian Adventure and Exploration Center was founded in 2006 in
Amman-Jordan, it is a non-governmental training and educational institution
that emphasize human development and life coaching to the participants, in
addition to its interest in spreading the environmental knowledge, culture and
conservation. Also it aims to build leadership skills and capacity building for the
youth, to earn a courageous and challenging spirt that able to adventure and
discover, as well as reinforcing the values of national belonging.

Adventure and Challenge Forest Camp was founded in 2012 in Kufr Khal-Jarash and opened in May 2014, it is a unique permanent camp and the first of its kind in Arab world. It is set up on 1400 square meters of land in the middle of a breathtaking forest, it contains a tent yard, health care facilities, showers, a kitchen, an outdoor restaurant court, parking area, interesting adventure fields, training yards, five-a-side soccer field, a bonfire yard and seats under the trees. It is prepared to accommodate more than 150 participants who like camping, hiking and adventure, they are also given the opportunity to carry out challenging and adventurous activities, overcome obstacles and training, as well as enjoy the beauty of nature. In 2020, a representative branch/office was established in Ajloun, which works on programs and activities that integrate tourists with local communities, it also works on employed the housewives and young men and women. Moreover, provide an optimal opportunity for women to participate in various events.

Eco-View Resort was founded in 2015 in Kufr Khal-Jarash and opened in December
2019, it gives an experience to live in treehouses which are rusticated and show the beauty of Jarash nature. The resort is an appropriate entertainment and environmental site for training, life skills development and courses that give a chance for the participants to build their personalities and understand the nature, as well as having the ability and skills for team working and overcome the obstacles. It is also a tourist destination for families, individuals, tourists and local and international organizations who share their love for nature. The resort is located on 1100 square meters of land; it has 10 cabins with a capacity of 40 people; 8 of them are treehouses and 2 stone lodges, they simulate the living of caves and the ancient Jordanian environment. It also contains health facilities, luxury tourist restaurant, multipurpose training rooms and parking. The resort is right next to Jordan Ranger Camp.

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